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I'm Lindsey, your guide to the rewilding (also known as renaturalization) experience. As an adventure guide, outdoor photographer, home rewilding specilaist, and earth based wellness professional, I’ve created this collective to assist you with cultivating practices and experiences that facilitate your personal, organic return to nature. To the earth’s nature and your own, connecting you more deeply to your senses, and your sense of place within the organic living world. We are not separate from nature but a part, and we’re now in a time of deep remembering of this most important truth. Are you ready to radically rewild, rewire and return your life to nature?

Collectively, humanity must restore its connection to the earth now or we won’t make it. Human impact on the earth’s natural ecosystems has reached critical mass. We have become disconnected from our natural roots, and lost touch with our organic way of being. We have fallen out of harmony with the laws of nature that sustain life and allow for the highest levels of flourishing. Collectively, we are in a chronic state of imbalance and dis-ease in relation to our bodies and nature. To restore ease and health to ourselves and our planet, we must reconnect with our place in nature’s ecosystem, and re-attune ourselves to the earth’s cycles. As we entrain our bodies and our lives to the rhythms and patterns of nature, we return to optimal health and activate our highest levels of creativity, vibrance, and vitality. 

There has never been a more inspired time to participate in the greater rebalancing currently underway for all of us. It is truly a wonderful moment to be alive. The circumstances are ripe for change as the yin and yang, masculine and feminine (doing and receiving) are now being brought into harmony within each of us and the collective. It is time to awaken, and become more fully alive. We have the opportunity to create a new earth by restoring the old harmony of how we DO and BE in the world. Wild creativity is available to us as we learn to live from a more heart centered space in our lives. To create this new world, we must first realize our connectedness with both our environment and our organic roots. This begins when we see ourselves as active, participating members of ecosystems and of the natural processes unfolding around us and through us. From this place of understanding and empowerment we can then cultivate an earth centric way of being and living in the world that supports our health and creativity.

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” - John Muir

As organic creatures, our bodies are comprised of the earth’s natural elements. The Earth is our Mother. We came from her and we will return to her. We are constantly experiencing this cycle of remembering, rooting, returning to the core of who we are. Over and over again we return to self, becoming more alive as we evolve through the natural circular spiral of the universe. In yoga and meditation, we connect to this cycle through circuitry of the breath, the body, our hearts, our roots, gravity, and the earth. It is a cycle that returns us home, to our earth and our bodies continually. As we circling back to love and to our original essence as one with the earth, we find that same oneness, wholeness and purpose within ourselves. Can you imagine what is possible when we live from this place of balance, synergy, support, and congruence? When who we are within unites with our outer world and reflects our truest self?

Our connection to the earth starts with connecting to place. Place gives us a sense of belonging, rootedness and connects us to things that matter most to our hearts. Outdoor adventure facilitates this connection. By connecting to place through outdoor experience, we connect to our place in life’s ecosystem, allowing our hearts to open wider to all of life.

Your inner wild child lives in your heart, are you ready to come home?

Think back a moment. Who were you when you were your mother’s child? What was your form of play? Your wild child is being awakened now, asking to be embodied in the adult version of you. This is who you were before life domesticated and demanded things from you. Who were you before your wild child was tamed? Through outdoor adventure, environmental life design, adventure photography and wellness practices, I guide you in connecting with the organic aliveness within you that comes from living in connection to your heart. It starts with going outside to play in nature’s playground, but nature can also be woven into every area of our lives for the ongoing nourishment of our being.

Rewilding and back to nature practices not only bring us personally into balance, they also heal the ecological, social and energetic divide that is at the root of widespread global crisis. Choosing to realign with nature is one of the most powerful ways to be of service and support to planet as Mother Nature undergoes her own recalibration to homeostasis.

Mother nature is speaking now, are you listening?

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness."
-Thich nhat hahn

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The first step is to find out where you are at in living an eco-based lifestyle and determine where you might need the most support. To get started, you will book an initial consult with Rewilding Guide, Lindsey Ganahl. Lindsey can work with you to determine which of our specialists would be best suited to support your journey. In many cases, clients just need support in a single area and that is totally ok! Not every plan has to be comprehensive across many fields of discipline. You can book with as many or as few of our specialists as you want! The idea is that we have a discussion about where you are currently, and piece together an approach that will best serve you based on your goals and budget. We can even do a phased approach based on milestones.

The first step is to find out where you are at in living an eco-based lifestyle and determine where you might need the most support. To get started, you will book an initial consult with Rewilding Guide, Lindsey Ganahl. Lindsey can work with you to determine which of our specialists would be best suited to support your journey. In many cases, clients just need support in a single area and that is totally ok! Not every plan has to be comprehensive across many fields of discipline. You can book with as many or as few of our specialists as you want! To get started working with our team, book your complimentary consultation with Lindsey, your Rewilding Guide so we can get to know you and start exploring options.

As your Rewilding Guide, I (Lindsey) have an extensive background working in and with providers from the outdoor and wellness industry. I've undergone my own rewilding journey and I've come to know some of the most talented and heart centered professionals out there. The Service Providers I've selected as partners are people I have come to like, know, and trust throughout the years. All of our specialists I've personally vetted, and hand selected because they are the best at what they do! Many have helped me personally. 

Absolutely! This collective was formed because all of us share the same values about the importance of turning to the earth for the nourishment of our being. There is not a one size fits all approach for how to do that. What works for one person won't work for all. If you just want to learn how to start growing things, you can do only that. If you JUST want to rebalance your energy into a more natural state, it is totally ok to JUST book one service, like Reiki, to help with that issue. That said, human beings are part of an ecosystem and our lives are its own ecosystem. That said, I encourage clients to look at how they can improve their personal ecosystem holistically, which often means having a support team of professionals. I don't believe in a one-stop shop for everything, with just one person. Just as nature has different textures, your life should too, and that means working with people who can own their area of expertise with great depth rather than breadth.

I love to travel and meet with clients as well as lead them and partake in their adventures! If you're interested in having myself or one of our specialists travel to meet with you, please ask!

You don't have to have all the answers. You are at the beginning of life changing journey. As someone who has been on this journey since 2012, I know what it feels like to be unsure of what you need.  This is why I'm here to help ask the right questions, and guide you to the right resources. I'd love to help point you in the right direction and guide you towards getting the clarity you need.

Of course! We are so fortunate to live in a time where we have technology to help us connect virtually in real time. We would love to beam ourselves to you using Zoom or Video Chat.

Our partners businesses are listed on our homepage and you would be most welcome to contact and book with them directly. When you book directly with a provider and skip the holistic consultation with me (Lindsey) you do miss out on the opportunity to gain insight in the larger process of returning your life to nature. Our specialists own their area of expertise, but aren't poised to address interdisciplinary connections outside of their own area of specialization. The benefit of working through the collective is the opportunity to approach lifestyle and wellness holistically.

Let’s Get Started by filling out the Consultation booking form here. I’ll respond with a questionnaire for you to fill out and, and link to book your FREE Lifestyle Rewilding Consultation.



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Lindsey is absolute MAGIC to work with. She really takes the time to explain everything in detail and understand what the client most needs. She goes above and beyond in making this a truly transformative experience. I have worked with energy healers before, and Lindsey is truly powerful. She has studied with the best and is a powerful healer. She is committed to her clients becoming their best selves and unleashing their own power, and for that I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend Lindsey to everyone!


If you’re looking for someone to assist you with your journey of connecting more with the earth- look no further- Lindsey is your person. I met Lindsey while working together in the realm of adventure photography. She’s passionate and an advocate for our home- earth. Her wealth of knowledge in the context of energy and how it affects the earth and also the collective of the human species is unmatched. She has been a teacher and mentor for me in this context, providing a wealth of knowledge in the power the earth and her own energy field has on our own fields; diving deeper into all of the different natural elements which affect us on an energetic level.

I have had numerous Reiki sessions by Lindsey all of which were incredibly healing and powerful. She’s my go-to whenever I feel something needs to be cleared from my energetic field. She’s compassionate, present, and committed to your experience. She was able to provide helpful guidance and education with reiki and the different benefits and things I might experience before and after a session.

I was fairly clueless to the world of energy before my path crossed with Lindsey. If you’re looking for ways to connect with or learn more of the earth and your own energetic field- take this review as a sign to proceed with Lindsey as your guide into this abundant world and perspective.


I’ve personally known and worked with Lindsey for the past 6 months - she is passionate, talented and creative. Her experience and knowledge and genuine love for her work and her clients are second to none!


Lindsay is a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond for me, is creative and has a good eye for details. 


Throughout the distance reiki session, I felt warm and I actually felt like hands were on me, which I didn't expect but it was really amazing to be able to feel the experience. And right now, I feel SO good! I feel relaxed and way less tense than I felt before the session and what you've written in your email/the card you pull definitely resonates with me. I greatly enjoyed my session

Helen Drummond

The beautiful "portrait in the wild" that Lindsey G did for me is one of the best pictures ever taken of me. Seriously. She brought out my joy and captured it on camera. Magic.

Rachel Tindell

Lindsey was great to work with and very professional! Definitely using her again.

Katie Dillon

Thank you so much Lindsey! We LOVE them! Truly feel like you captured our kid’s personalities! 

Jeff Orswell

Thanks very much for a job well done. These are quite literally the best photos we’ve ever received on the Labor Day Half. Thanks so much for making us and our event look good.

Ruchika Rawat

Thanks for an awesome album! We really loved your work. We will make sure to recommend you if our friends ever need a photographer to capture their events.

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