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Rewilding Collective

Lifestyle rewilding is a holistic process, designed to restore the health and vitality of our minds, bodies, communities, and ecosystems be helping restore and rebalance our connection with the earth.

The rewilding philosophy focuses on creating a sustainable, nature-based, place-minded lifestyle. Our collective is a group of passionate outdoor, creative and nature-based wellness professionals who have come together to help you on your path of connecting to your place in life's organic ecosystem. 

COVID 19 has given us a great opportunity to reflect on our lives and see what needs to shift, especially related to our environment. Our collective was born from the desire to assist with integrating customized eco-centric practices designed just for your lifestyle.

Ignite your passion for the planet with a legendary outdoor adventure experiences that will ignite your love and appreciation for the earth, and make you come alive. Whether you crave open seas or summits, our team of adventure professionals can help you connect with the right outdoor activities that will light you and and get your body active outdoors.

Reconnect with the earth

Awaken vibrant health, wild creativity, and rooted connection to the earth and your most authentic, natural self. Our holistic offering of wellness services, and nature-based art will awaken your inner child and set your heart and your life on fire. Reconnect with your original childhood essence and rekindle childlike wonder, while cultivating stronger  resilience to weather any storm.

Awaken the wildness within

Everything in nature has an essence, let’s distill yours into your space. Rewild your living space, and  experience the benefits of living in harmony with the earth through an eco-conscious, nature-based lifestyle.  Design your home life and personal care routine around natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging.  Cultivate the ultimate sanctuary for your being in a way that honors and connects to the living, organic world. Design a minimalist, low waste, green home filled with nature’s elements. We can help you adopt permaculture practices and even fast track your path to homesteading or tiny home living.

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Our team is a group of hand selected specialists, thought leaders and subject matter experts covering a spectrum of modalities and disciplines across the fields of permaculture, holistic health, earth based nutrition, energy medicine, sustainability, design, coaching, outdoor education and many others! There is no one size fits all approach to adopting an earth focused lifestyle. Your guide, Lindsey Allison, will work with you to determine your unique needs and interests, pairing you with service providers best suited for your unique needs, interests, and circumstances. Our team of service providers is privy to your complete renaturalization plan and can collaborate to create integrated approaches to enhancing your connection to your organic environment, for better health, happiness, and thriving.


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